Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Insurance

Decades of specialisation

Since 1989, our firm has established a demonstrable record of success in managing complex risk.

Local & International

Crawford Dougall is an owner-managed brokerage in South Africa with a reinsurance brokerage in the London market.


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Meet international market standards with
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Few insurance brokers are equipped to navigate the nuance and sensitivities of developing and operating projects in renewable energy and its associated infrastructure. Even fewer can leverage their position by having an owner-managed brokerage in the London market to exercise direct influence over internationally managed insurance programmes. 

Crawford Dougall does both.

What we do in the field of renewable energy

Our focus 

While Crawford Dougall’s size allows us to pivot deftly with the market’s movements, our current focus is on on-shore wind, biomass, biofuels, and utility-scale solar photovoltaic systems. 

We also advise on infrastructure-related projects, including upgrades to major facilities, water projects, REIPPPP, commercial- to industrial-scale solar projects, and private projects ranging in size from embedded generation to utility-scale generation.

Brokering services 

Crawford Dougall offers insurance and reinsurance brokering services tailored to the placements of lender-approved, bankable insurance programmes. Our select team is bolstered by an expert focus on construction and operational insurance programmes in the context of renewable energy risk management, empowering us with the capacity to handle the full suite of insurance classes associated with renewable energy projects, including (but not limited to):

  • Construction All Risks 
  • Delay in Start-Up 
  • Marine 
  • Liability 
  • Operational Assets 
  • Business Interruption 
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors and Officers 
  • Plant All Risks

Supporting services 

In addition to brokering services, Crawford Dougall offers supporting services centred around the review of insurance components on the full suite of contracts associated with a project, including:

  • Facilities Agreements 
  • EPC Agreements 
  • O&M Agreements 
  • Balance of Plant Agreements 
  • Turbine Supply Agreements 

Advisory services 

In addition to brokering and supporting services, Crawford Dougall acts in the capacity of an advisor to lenders and non-insurance professionals alike:

  • Lender’s Insurance Advisory services for lenders involved in project finance 
  • Basic insurance training to assist non-insurance professionals in the successful negotiation and management of insurance programmes

Who we serve

Crawford Dougall works closely with project developers, sponsors, EPC contractors, private off-takers, and lenders associated with renewable energy infrastructure and generation projects. We also consult with entities involved in energy trading and wheeling. 

The rapidly evolving field of renewable energy and infrastructure requires an agile brokerage that understands and accommodates tight deadlines and multiple stakeholder perspectives while delivering direct and transparent engagement with an international value chain. 

With a footprint spanning two continents, Crawford Dougall’s sights are singularly set on further establishing our leadership in this field.