The year that Crawford Dougall became the smallest company ever accredited by Lloyd’s of London. (Safe to say we’re not the smallest any more.)


The number of companies deemed “uninsurable” that we have insured in the last two years.


Crawford Dougall insures the biggest private rail operator in the whole of Africa, as well as the largest meat distributor in South Africa.

solutions to complex risks

Challenging market conditions have made it so that many corporate assets are deemed “difficult” to cover. But Crawford Dougall possesses the contemporary skillset and vision required to design multi-dimensional insurance portfolios which can secure comprehensive cover. Our Lloyd’s of London accreditation provides us access to global coverage for local risks.

We can do this because our expertise and longstanding relationships with underwriters mean that we can design tailored, unique policies to cover complex corporate assets and relieve the financial pressure of ever-hiking premiums.

We do this by using strategies such as alternative risk transfer, self-insurance retentions, and cell-captive capability to structure portfolios which make our clients a more favourable insurance risk and qualify for more comprehensive cover. That’s something that few other brokers can do.

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Crawford Dougall offers world class service and an insurance brokerage that understands our business and its ever-changing needs. We enjoy the annual reviews that can set accurate section targets that can handle the years trade without having to keep adding and changing cover on changes in assets. Claims are processed quickly, and we feel well looked after.

Mike Arthur, Arthur Ford (retail)

I have worked with Simon in both underwriting and broker roles, and this has given him a perspective of both sides of the industry which ultimately come together to serve the client. This is where Simon stands out for me as a dedicated, owner managed broker that puts his clients first while understanding the value of a long-term insurer partnership.

I have no hesitation in recommending Simon as a young, dynamic challenger who will think differently and work hard to serve his clients, particularly in Crawford Dougall’s areas of specialization in hospitality and corporate business.

Justin Naylor, Managing Director iTOO Special Risks