Personal assets

An exclusive policy to insure
what is precious to you

Crawford Dougall’s High Net Worth Domestic Insurance Policy is available exclusively to our high net worth clients. The policy is unique to us – we wrote it ourselves, and nobody else on the market has access to it.

Since 1989, we’ve offered short-term domestic insurance policies to clients with a property value exceeding R3 million or household contents to the value of at least R1 million. We understand what’s at stake in your business just as well as we understand what’s at stake in your world. We’re here to protect that for you.

What our clients love most about our domestic policy is that it’s an all-inclusive risk policy. That means you don’t need to notify us every time you buy a new phone, computer, watch, or similar household items. Once a year, we’ll call you to have a discussion about your total sum insureds and adjust annually.

We also have a mandate from our underwriters to pay claims immediately. So if you lose your cellphone at 8AM, you can notify us and purchase a new one all on the same day.

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